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    All Power in Heaven and Earth

    Despite political, cultural, economical, and geographical resistance, the Lord continues to open doors for His message of salvation — proving the Holy Spirit is stronger than any man-made barrier.

    East-West was founded on a passion for bold action, and your sacrificial support allows us to daringly go into dark lands and overcome these hindrances to build God’s Kingdom.

    The Barrier of Geographical Remoteness

    Opportunity: God uses technological advances to take the gospel to those living in treacherous terrains on the backs of our national partners. Containing the tools necessary to show the JESUS Film, these solar-powered backpacks are changing lives.

    Results: In 2014, East-West shared the gospel with 3,938,995 people in in the most remote corners of the world through the JESUS Film.

    The Barrier of Poverty

    Opportunity: In many developing nations, poverty is rampant. So when natural disasters strike, these countries — like Nepal — are forced to rely on foreign aid to rebuild… opening a door for Christ’s followers to tend to physical needs and spiritual depravity.

    Results: Passionate supporters of East-West sent over $67,000 in relief funds so our Nepali national partners could provide provide both spiritual and physical aid following the tragic earthquake in May 2015.

    The Barrier of Government Restriction

    Opportunity: When political barriers obstruct the spread of the gospel, East-West utilizes creative platforms to evangelize, equip, and multiply disciples in these regions closed to the message of Jesus.

    Results: Of the 54 countries in which East-West currently operates, 32 are considered restricted-access. Despite restrictions, we are seeing fruit in these closed nations.

    The Barrier of Illiteracy

    Opportunity: Capitalizing on a partnership with T4 Global—an orality ministry focused on communicating biblical truth in oral cultures—East-West engages communities of oral learners with the gospel through Scripture readings recorded on MP3 devices.

    Results: During our most recent project with T4 Global, 10,643 people heard the good news of Jesus, and we are continuing to expand this strategic partnership.

    The Barrier of False Worship

    Opportunity: Due to cultural traditions and false religions, many engage in worship of other gods. East-West’s missionaries, short-term mission trip participants, and national partners act as the beautiful feet of the gospel—carrying the good news of abundant life in Jesus to those who have never heard.

    Results: East-West witnessed 2,063,632 people indicate a profession of faith in Jesus through our various ministry strategies in 2014.