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The Africa team is home safely with many incredible testimonies and life changing stories to share.  They are grateful for your participation in their journey through your prayers. 


Of the many life changing stories they experienced, one stuck out to the team.  They continued to follow the Luke 10 principle throughout the week, going out two by two to meet people and share the Gospel with those who were ready to listen. As one of the pairs was walking, they were led to a Muslim man on the beach.  As the pair began to form a relationship with the man, they were led to share the Gospel with this Muslim. 

The man was captivated by the Gospel message of Isa al Masih (Jesus). He gladly accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and is now a brother in the Lord!

This new believer’s joy was so exuberant that he eagerly consented to being baptized.  The group of now three brothers in Christ walked down into the Indian Ocean to baptize the converted Muslim.  This new follower of Jesus came up from the water exclaiming, “I am a new man!”

A true miracle for which we give God all of the glory!