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    Keep Pressing On

    Read Judges 21:25 and Mark 4.

    A while back I saw a question on Facebook: Which book of the Bible do you identify with most? This actually prompted me to ask myself another question: Which book of the Bible portrays the time and place we are living in?

    I believe the book of Judges portrays what our life on the mission field is like in Central Asia. The reason is simple. In Judges, the nation didn’t conquer the land, just like the church in Central Asia hasn’t conquered our land.

    We have a small presence in this region, but most of Central Asia remains unreached and resistant to the gospel. In fact, some missiologists believe that the soil of Central Asia is the hardest.

    Recently, Mark 4 reminded me that the Sower keeps on sowing gospel seeds despite the conditions of the soil. This has encouraged our team to keep pressing on and trusting God to make the impossible happen in this region!

    Father, we know that You can do more than we could ask or imagine for Your glory among the nations. Please soften the soil in the world’s spiritually darkest places. Amen.

    Field Worker

    East-West's missionaries and national partners are stationed in nearly 50 countries around the world that are categorized as unreached or restricted access. For security reasons, we do not disclose their identities.