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    One day my mom met followers of Jesus and began to read the Scriptures and pray. I noticed changes in her, and God was answering her prayers! I couldn’t believe that in spite of my dad’s abuse, she was somehow finding peace and rest in God.

    But her faith didn’t end in personal devotion. My mom began sharing Jesus with our family members, but they were not supportive. Then she started sharing with me, my dad, and my siblings. Us kids were amazed when we saw that dad listened to mom very attentively.

    Soon after, mom accepted Jesus, was baptized, and our new Christian friends began to regularly meet us at home to discuss Bible stories. I was most impressed that they helped us do work in the house and garden because we didn’t have enough time in the day to finish our chores. The changes in our family became noticeable to others—especially the change in my dad. He stopped drinking, began to work, and came back to the family. It was clear he was doing everything he could to provide for us.

    Despite all of this, I was initially against Christian teachings. I then began to realize following Jesus is not about strict laws—it’s all about love. I began to listen to everything my mom said about Jesus and realized He was something I’d been seeking with my heart.

    The greatest miracle I witnessed during this time of exploring was the continuing changes in my dad’s life. He began to spend time with us, took good care of us, and stopped his abusive ways. He even became very kind! This was very strange to me, and I thought it was too good to be true until my dad took a picture of mom to his office and displayed it on his desk. In our culture, that is a very shameful thing to do because it shows weakness. Men even mock each other over it. And other, more religious men judge you and call you an idolater because of displaying photos.

    Dad’s push against social pressures was a true act of God!

    The changes reflected in my parents continued to have a very strong influence in my life, so I started reading the Bible on my own and retelling its stories. I thanked God for my mom and dad and began understanding that sin and evil in the world kept people captive. It’s then that I realized if I wanted to see changes in my own life that I would have to come to Jesus and ask him for forgiveness of my sins.

    I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive me—and He did! In doing so, He overwhelmed me with peace, joy, and hope. It was another miracle!

    I am now unashamed of my faith in Jesus even though it’s not safe to share the gospel in our culture. There are some people in our village that don’t like the changes that have been happening in our family and have attacked us several times. Even some of our relatives are very angry with us. Other people are happy about these changes. We meet with them in our home to fellowship and study the Bible together. My dad is even happy to see and accept our new friends in our home—our small home looks like a church now!

    Please pray our family. Pray for our safety and the safety of our home group. Pray that we’ll have zeal and wisdom to preach the gospel in our area.

    With joy, we praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Amen!

    Field Worker

    East-West's missionaries and national partners are stationed in nearly 50 countries around the world that are categorized as unreached or restricted access. For security reasons, we do not disclose their identities.