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    Field Story Evangelism | 1 min read

    Messengers of Good News

    On our first day of ministry, my translator, church worker, and I walked into a home to meet with a man whose wife was already a Christian. Our church worker walked in the home, greeted the couple, and then walked into a back room out of sight. My translator and I proceeded to share the gospel with the man, and he accepted Christ!

    His wife looked on with tear-filled eyes and hugged me, saying she had been praying that her husband would come to faith.

    As we continued to chat with the couple, their son walked in. I asked if we could share with him what we’d just shared with his dad, and he said yes. After presenting the gospel again in the same home, a second family member came to Christ.

    The entire household came to faith, just like what happens in the Book of Acts!

    As my translator, church worker, and I walked down the street away from the home, the church worker revealed what he had been doing in the back room. He said he had been mentoring the son for a long time, giving him counsel and praying that he would become a believer.

    When we entered the house, he went into the back room to call the son and tell him, “There’s someone here in your home who came a long way to tell you very good news.” The son replied, “I’m on my way,” and left his job to come hear the gospel.

    As the story of this family came full circle, I saw the Lord change two lives and work through all three members of our team: our church worker, who laid the foundation and called the man’s son to come hear the Gospel; my translator, who will have the task of following-up with and discipling this family; and I, who had the immense joy and honor of getting to speak truth and pray with two souls to receive Christ.

    “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” –Acts 16:31

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