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    No Place Left

    Read Romans 15:23.

    In less than 15 years, Paul could say that from Jerusalem to Ilyricum—a Roman province—there was no place left for him to go with the gospel, and he was on his way to Spain. That is an incredible thing.

    This passage has challenged me to have a greater sense of urgency. I must press into the Word of God for effective church planting principles and leadership development in my ministry to the Diaspora populations in the United States. Daily, hundreds of people from all over the world move to our nation’s metro areas giving my team an incredible opportunity to make disciples in people groups who were previously inaccessible to missionaries.

    God has given us the opportunity to leave no place left unreached, and I want to seize this moment in history for His glory.

    Father, thank You for bringing unreached peoples to our neighborhoods. Give us the strength and boldness to share Your gospel with them so there is no place left unreached. Amen.

    -from a missionary on our Diaspora Team


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