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    Peter and Boaz

    Read Ruth and Acts 3-4.

    Peter and Boaz are valiant men of God who made distinct impacts for the Kingdom, so I made lists documenting why they’re awesome.

    Peter: full of boldness and faith; no fear of man; performed many miracles and healings; gifted evangelist; articulate communicator and effective public speaker; big Duke fan (okay... maybe not this one).

    Boaz: owned a local business; stood up for the weak/oppressed; modeled compassion for his employees; generous; integrity-filled; wise and shrewd; respected in the community.

    It makes total sense that we uphold Peter and Boaz as prime examples of what is looks like to wholeheartedly follow God… but when I reflect on the lives of these two men, I’m haunted by a question: “Why do I try to make an impact like Peter when I have the ministry of Boaz?” Peter was a full-time minister who visited churches, healed people, and spread the gospel. In contrast, Boaz had a business to run, a community to engage with, and a family to love and care for.

    Recently I’ve realized that a lot of my Christian life I’ve felt like I don’t do enough because my ministry has different results than Peter’s… but maybe I’m not supposed to have Peter-like results. Maybe I’m called to be like Boaz — a hard worker invested in his community and family.

    If my ministry reflects the words of Jesus in John 13:35 — “by this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” — that sounds like a true sign and wonder in today’s society.

    Lord, allow us to walk freely in the ministry you’ve given us. For those of us like Boaz, help us be generous and compassionate to our community and family. Strengthen those you’ve called to be like Peter to boldly share the gospel, pray, and impact the multitude. Amen.

    -written by an East-West missionary to Russia

    Field Worker

    East-West's missionaries and national partners are stationed in nearly 50 countries around the world that are categorized as unreached or restricted access. For security reasons, we do not disclose their identities.