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Chidi is a Christ follower who had lived in an urban part of his African nation for years. But the Holy Spirit used the words of an East-West missionary to convict him to pursue his own people with the gospel. It was time for Chidi to leave the city and return to the unreached interiors of his village in a tribal African region.

Ready to use the training in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting he had learned from the missionary, Chidi returned to his tribe to make disciples.

As he spread seeds of the gospel among his people, many came to faith, and Chidi started a church. On Sundays, they gathered under a leafless tree to praise God for the gift of grace through Jesus. Over the weeks, the church continued to grow in number.

Chidi knew what he needed to do next. Large portions of the region still needed the saving message of Jesus, so he selected faithful leaders from the local body, trained them, and commissioned them to start their own movements of gospel-centered multiplication.

Today, Chidi continues to lead the church God entrusted to him, and those he commissioned have started five new churches, multiplying followers of Christ in one of the most difficult-to-reach places in Africa.

Names have been changed for security purposes.


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