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    Faith | 1 min read

    Small Steps

    Read Exodus 4:1-9.

    I must remind myself of this simple truth daily: God does not call us to a life of ease and comfort, but He does promise He will provide for us and be our comfort in times of trouble.

    In the beginning of Exodus 4, Moses is asked repeatedly to take steps of faith so that God can show His might and power to the Israelites and Egyptians. As long-term workers, we do this constantly.

    God calls us to a life of faith and obedience that He honors by showing His power. We are witnesses to the great power of the Almighty God. Regardless of how much fruit we see, we are able to see God’s power in the midst of darkness. Just like Moses, we are asked to take small steps of obedience, so that God may use it for His glory and the salvation of sinners.

    God, You do not call us to an easy task, but You do promise to provide for us and glorify Your Name. It is a privilege to be a witness to Your great works. Amen.

    -from a missionary to the Middle East

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