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    Spark a Movement: Your Passions + Unreached Nations

    It’s no secret that East-West is dedicated to reaching the unreached and those in restricted-access nations. But what you may not know is the variety of ways that we are doing so.

    Every person at East-West, whether overseas or in our home office, are using their God-given passions and skills to spread the gospel across the globe. Here are just a few of the passions and skills being put to use worldwide:

    • Teachers sharing their love for people and the English language in Asia
    • Business men helping national leaders establish viable businesses that support their ministries
    • Doctors using their skills and passion for healing others in Asia
    • Adventure-loving outdoorsmen sharing the gospel on nature trips in Russia
    • Break dancers building relationships and discipling young people in Mexico
    • Accountants using their love of numbers and order to keep East-West afloat in the U.S.
    • Creatives using their gifts to share the vision and mission of East-West
    • Administrative people supporting East-West leaders

    Every gift can be used to build God’s Kingdom. Any passion can spark a movement.

    So we’ll be sharing with you some of the East-West staff who are using their passions in unique ways at home and overseas … but we also want to hear from you.

    What is your passion? How are you using it for the sake of God’s Kingdom?

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