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    Mobilization Evangelism | 1 min read

    Spreading Truth

    Read John 4:1-42.

    In the evangelism world, this story is used to reveal keys truths about sharing the gospel and our stories, including ...

    1. You may evangelize to a person from a different culture. Jesus was a Jew and the woman was a Samaritan.
    2. We need to step out of our comfort zone. Jesus asking the Samaritan woman for a drink was like a Confederate aristocrat taking a drink from a slave’s cup.
    3. Jesus moves from general things—asking for water—to spiritual things—speaking about the Living Water (v. 7-10).
    4. A non-believer’s response to spiritual conversation may be confusion or pride, much like the religious pride in the Samaritan woman (v. 12).
    5. When Jesus speaks truth, His words begin to melt the ice and open the spiritual door (v. 16-19).
    6. We’re called to be bold in proclaiming Jesus is the Messiah—the only way to salvation, forgiveness, and heaven (v. 26).
    7. When the Samaritan woman heard real truth, it led her to tell others (v. 39). When we tell the truth, it will spread!
    8. Stay focused when distractions try to pull you away from the conversation. Notice how the disciples returned at the same time Jesus was sharing a key truth (v. 27).
    9. Many people will believe in Jesus through your testimony (v. 39).
    10. Others will believe through Christ’s words in the Bible (v. 41).

    We often shy away from evangelism and discipleship for fear or inadequacy. But God has given us this story to remind us that the call to make disciples of all nations doesn’t have to be difficult.

    God, thank You for breathing this story into life so that we can be confident in the power of Your truth and our testimonies. Amen.

    -from a missionary on our Mobilization Team

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