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The cross of Christ is one of the most significant and defining moments in all of time and eternity. I believe it to be more significant than when God spoke, “‘Let there be light (Genesis 1:3),’” and creation and the heavenly cosmos came into existence out of nothing. I believe the cross left the angels in awe more so than the words God spoke when He said, “‘Let us make mankind in our image (Genesis 1:26).’”

The true expression of God’s heart at the cross can only be fully understood by God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The saints of Jesus need eternity to understand just a little bit of the depth of the mystery at Calvary between the Godhead. Since the cross in which Jesus Christ died on our behalf was necessary for the redemption of the world, I believe it is one of the most significant moments in history. But the most significant moment is the resurrection.

Without the resurrection, there is no forgiveness of sins and no free gift of eternal life.  

As mankind watched Jesus’ crucifixion that day, angels stood in silence and awe, and the demons of darkness threw a party. The cosmos held its breath when Jesus said, “‘It is finished (John 19:30).’” At that moment, darkness covered the Earth, angels wondered, demons danced, and God remained silent. For three days all hope was removed from planet Earth. But on the third day, the stone was rolled away, and the King of glory came forth.

Death was conquered. Sin’s debt was paid. The hope of glory was given. Jesus Christ reigns forever and forever.

Most of us are familiar with the facts and words we use when we speak about the love, sacrifice, and cost Jesus paid on our behalf. The wrath of our holy and righteous heavenly Father was taken off of us and placed in all its force upon Jesus.

It is hard to write about the God-Man and His perfect, sinless, holy, pure life because I have never experienced even one moment of that type of life. Even today, after walking and living in Christ and having Christ live in me for decades, I have yet to go a day without the sin of self, pride, selfish ambition, lust, and greed grabbing my heart and mind.

Before we met Jesus as Lord and Savior, we all led a daily lifestyle driven by selfish ambition. At least today when self comes knocking for control of my heart, Jesus meets this intruder with His presence and power. Christ in me causes sin to flee more and more each day. I will never have a sinless day until I get my new body and my old flesh nature is ripped from my heart for eternity.

And that day is coming for you and all who say, “Yes,” to our Lord Jesus. This is what makes the resurrection of Christ Jesus the greatest moment in history.


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