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    Field Story | 1 min read

    With an Unveiled Face

    Zuma* was born and raised in a Muslim home in Southeast Asia, but in her heart she knew Allah wasn’t truly God.

    Despite her unbelief, she spent years going through the motions—wearing a hijab, praying five times a day, and even attending Muslim congregational prayer each Friday.

    One day while studying for her college exams, Zuma met a team of East-West short-term missionaries. After some small talk, the group asked her about her faith and began talking about Jesus with her.

    Zuma’s heart started racing. She had never heard Isa (Jesus) spoken of this way, but something about their story of His compassion and willingness to lay down His life for her salvation rang true in her heart.

    Suddenly she knew He was the One she longed to worship all the days of her life.

    That day Zuma made a risky decision in a country known for its persecution of Christians—she chose to follow Jesus, removed her Hijab, and never looked back.

    *Names changed for security purposes.

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    Field Story