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One day, Salana heard his friend pray in Jesus’ name. Despite following the Muslim prayer rituals he’d learned from his East African community, Salana found no peace in his prayer and was curious about what would happen if he prayed like his friend. So he tried it.

That night he dreamed that his beliefs about Allah were about to change.

His friend soon approached him with a new idea to not only believe in the Quran, the Muslim holy book, but the Bible, too.

Curiosity led Salana to attend his friend’s church and to meet with one of the leaders who taught him about Jesus, the Quran, and the Bible. Through conversations with both men, Salana put his trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection to give him assurance of eternal life.

When Salana returned to his village and word of his new faith spread, he was immediately imprisoned in hopes that jail time would persuade him to recant the name of Jesus.

But the opposite happened. Salana studied the Bible and his faith grew.

Though his faith flourished, hardships continued for Salana. His wife and children left him, and he didn’t see them for three months. Seven times he sent men to appeal for them to come home. Finally, his best friend was able to convince his wife to bring their family home, giving Salana an opportunity to explain why he now followed Jesus.

In His amazing grace, the Lord opened his wife and children’s hearts to believe, too.

The leaders of his Muslim community observed his family’s Christian faith for months and eventually stopped persecuting them. They now respect Salana and come to him with their problems. He’s even been appointed a village elder.

Salana’s faith in Jesus could have cost him his earthly family forever. But Salana remained steadfast, and God, in His kindness, led an entire household to salvation.


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