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    Field Story | 1 min read

    Field Story: One Creative Risk Led to a Changed Life

    As the pandemic brought a new wave of cases to one Southeast Asian country, the government ordered another lockdown. People were not allowed to leave their homes except for food and medical needs.

    Danh*, an East-West national partner in Southeast Asia, was unable to train new believers or share the gospel in person like he normally would. But he still wanted to proclaim the good news to those in his area. So, he got creative.

    Danh grabbed a speaker and a microphone that his house church uses at his home. He plugged in the speaker and set it up in his front yard as far as the extension cord could reach. He took the microphone inside and began sharing the gospel from his home, projecting the message to anyone passing by.

    Public evangelism is illegal in Danh’s nation, and he risked getting in trouble if he was caught. He hoped, though, that he would be safe since he technically didn’t leave his home.

    Few people travel down the dirt road in front of Danh’s home, even when the world isn’t undergoing a pandemic. But on one particular day, a man named Hao* was driving down the road on his motorbike. He heard Danh preaching from his home and stopped to listen. Danh invited Hao inside to explain the gospel further. Hao realized the depth of his sin and the forgiveness Jesus offered, so he decided to trust in Jesus that day.

    Had Danh been able to leave his home, he may never have met Hao. But a lockdown and some creative problem-solving led Hao to find a new life in Christ.

    *Names changed for security purposes.

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