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    Field Story | 2 min read

    Field Story: The Gospel Calms a Vengeful Heart

    Solomon*, an East-West missionary training in East Africa, often traveled by a neighboring village, praying as he passed by for God to give him an opportunity to take the gospel to this village. That opportunity arrived when his friends asked him to share the gospel with a man named Bekele*.

    Bekele was an alcoholic and an angry one at that. He had a reputation of becoming violent when he lost his temper, and his wife and children were stuck living in a dangerous home.

    Bekele agreed to meet with Solomon, and the two men sat down one day to have a spiritual conversation. Solomon shared the gospel and explained the cost of sin, including Bekele’s sin. He told Bekele how Christ could bring hope and peace to his troubled home. Bekele’s eyes were opened to the depth of his sin. He understood the hurt he had caused and his need for a Savior, and so he accepted Jesus that day. His wife and children were awed by his transformation and also decided to follow Jesus.

    But Bekele was about to be put to the test. One day, a man attacked his brother and left his leg badly cut. When Bekele discovered what happened, he carried his bleeding brother to a clinic to get care. Ordinarily, Bekele would have immediately sought revenge for such an attack, and the people in the village waited anxiously to see how he would react. Miraculously, Bekele was able to control his anger and did not pursue his brother’s attacker.

    The villagers were amazed at Bekele’s peaceful demeanor and wanted to find out what led to his sudden change. Because of Bekele’s new life in Christ, six other villagers accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation and others wanted to learn more about the Son of God. Solomon established a house church in the village he had been praying over for months, creating a space for new believers to be discipled and multiplied.

    *Names changed for security purposes.

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