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    Faith | 1 min read

    Overcoming the Odds

    As we looked at Gideon’s life, many of us have likely related to the excuses he offered to God even when God was revealing Himself to him. I personally don’t think that Gideon had a lack of confidence in God but a lack of confidence in himself.

    The depth of our inadequacies are deeper than we think. Gideon heard God speak. He knew God promised him victory. And he knew God used him to “blow the trumpet” and gather the men, but he kept asking God to prove Himself again.

    So, what was the “aha” moment that ravished Gideon’s heart to lead 300 men against an army of over 120,000?  It was when Gideon heard that the enemy believed what God said to Gideon. This caused him to finally say, “Yes, Lord, no matter what”!

    Gideon blew the trumpet and 30,000 men gathered.  But God said, “This is my show. You’ve got too many” and cut Gideon’s army to 300.

    In Judges 7:9, God told Gideon to go down in the Midianite camp so Gideon could hear what the enemy said. It is there that he heard the Midianites talk about the victory that Gideon would have over them. Then in verse 15, we see this:

    When Gideon heard the dream and its interpretation, he bowed down and worshiped. He returned to the camp of Israel and called out, "Get up! The LORD has given the Midianite camp into your hands."

    A light bulb went off in Gideon’s head. He realized the battle was not about him, but about God.  At that moment Gideon said, “Follow my lead” to his small army. That 300 men defeated 120,000 Midianites.

    Every time God asks you to do something, the odds are against you. Despite seemingly impossible odds, we must trust that God Almighty intends to get involved in whatever He asks of us.

    He knows it’s not logical for 300 men to defeat 120,000 men. But if the 300 submit to what He asks of them and factor His Presence and Power into the equation, God works to make the impossible possible.

    I think Erwin McManus was right when he said, “The history of God’s people is not a record of God searching for courageous men and women who could handle the task, but God transforming the hearts of cowards”. 

    Our Lord Jesus will not do our part, and we cannot do His part. We are simply called to do what we can while trusting Him for the impossible. So go blow your trumpet and watch God mightily move.

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    John Maisel

    John's travels for ministry behind the Iron Curtain led him to found East-West Ministries International in 1993. John and his wife, Susie, live in Dallas, Texas and have a grown daughter and two grandchildren.