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    Resurrection Power

    Paula and Ali’s short-term mission trip team split off for a day of ministry after encouraging their group to believe God for the impossible. Little did they know that their words were about to be tested by a heart-wrenching scene.

    They prayerfully roamed the streets of a bustling Middle Eastern city and walked up on a bus halted in front of a man lying in the middle of the street. He wasn’t moving.

    People stopped, stared and whispered. Policemen surrounded the site. Shock rippled through passers-by. Carefully policemen moved the limp man to the sidewalk and covered him with a blanket. Many of the on-lookers who encircled the scene were wiping tears off their faces.

    As Paula and Ali witnessed from a distance, their hearts were burdened to pray for God to reveal Himself to the people surrounding the man. They pleaded with the Lord to minister to them in the midst of tragedy, and Paula felt a surge of electricity and heat course through her body. She felt as though they were to intercede for the man’s complete healing. Despite growing seeds of doubt, Paula and Ali prayed that God would heal the man and allow them to see him sit up and open his eyes.

    And he did.

    The man sat up with the crowd still gathered around him. Everyone, including Paula and Ali, were stunned and amazed when he popped up, removed his covering, and opened his eyes.

    Paula and Ali knew they had to tell the man it was Jesus who healed him! With renewed courage, the women bought flowers and a bottled water before maneuvering through the crowd to offer the man their gifts. They told him how they prayed in Jesus’ name for him to be healed and his face lit up with child-like excitement. They warmly embraced the man before disappearing back into the crowd.

    Later that day, Paula and Ali saw him on a nearby park bench with coffee in hand sharing about his experience with another group that formed around him.

    That night, they shared their story with the rest of the team. The day came full circle as they recalled starting the morning with encouragement to believe God for the impossible. The Lord proved Himself to be a miracle worker that day, raising the dead back to life and offering hope to all who witnessed His resurrection power.

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