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    Field Story | 1 min read

    Rice Changed Her Life

    Saira* is a 21-year-old college student in South Asia. One of her good friends, Myra*, attends a local house church near where they live. Myra has presented the gospel several times to Saira over the course of their friendship. But in this largely Hindu and Muslim nation, Saira was not interested in learning more about Jesus.

    When the pandemic hit South Asia in early 2020, Saira’s family—like many others—were stuck at home with little food and an intensifying fear of the future.

    But soon, members from a local house church brought rice and other food to Saira’s family as part of East-West’s One Roti, One Neighbor project. The project rallied believers in South Asia to deliver food and share the gospel with struggling families. Saira's family was taken aback by the kindness and love these Christians showed them.

    Saira reached out to Myra and asked to learn more about Jesus. Myra began discipling Saira over the phone, and Saira eventually accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized!

    One act of kindness in the midst of a crisis changed the trajectory of Saira’s life.

    *Names have been changed for security purposes.

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