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“And immediately the girl got up walking (for she was twelve years of age), and they were immediately overcome with amazement.” -Mark 5:41-42

In Mark 5 Jesus is approached earnestly by one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus, who falls at his feet, imploring Jesus to heal his ill daughter. Jesus is moved with compassion for Jairus and begins the journey to his home.

Before He gets there, Jairus’ daughter dies. I can just imagine the devastation of this father and the potential for anger towards Jesus for not getting to his home quicker. But Jesus' response is one of peace and confidence as He tells Jairus, "Do not fear, only believe (Mark 5:36)." 

Wailing and weeping pours out of Jairus’ home when they finally arrive. In the midst of the chaos, Jesus again responds with peace and confidence, saying "The child is not dead but sleeping (Mark 5:39)." He grabs hold of the girl’s hand and says, “Talitha Koum”—Little girl, arise. She immediately gets up and walks.

As I reflect on this story with fresh eyes, I’ve meditated on the faith of this little girl’s father.

Jairus could have accepted her death. Instead, he fervently—with sincere, intense conviction—pushed through a crowd to get to Jesus. When members of his own household told him to give up, he pushed through with great faith. What a father! What faith!

In Jairus, I see an incredible model of belief in Jesus’ healing power. Today we can imitate his faith in the way we approach God in prayer. We know we can confidently approach His throne of grace, but are we faithfully doing so (Hebrews 4:16)?

If you track gospel movements throughout history, there is a direct correlation between spiritual breakthrough and earnest prayer. This means we have to desperately ask God the Father to move in the hearts of those who are spiritually dead, just like Jairus desperately pleaded with Jesus to heal and bring life to his little girl.

We need your prayers for the unreached and those who are dedicating their lives to reaching them. Will you join us in this prayer today?

Lord, let our lives be a testimony to all nations. Give us endurance to continue in prayer for people places that are hardened and unreached. Mold our hearts like yours. Teach us to love how You love. Unite Your church and break our hearts for the lost. Give the churches a passion for reaching their community and the nations. Embolden believers around the world to do Your work and Your will. In Jesus Name, amen.

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