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    Faith | 1 min read

    When God Calls You to Where You Don’t Want to Go

    About 10 years ago, Logan* was reading “Radical” by David Platt as part of a small group study. In it, Platt asks the readers to identify the one place they wouldn’t go if God called them there.

    Logan loved the idea of living overseas and for years thought he and his family would become missionaries in the Middle East. But the one place he swore he would never live was a particular country in Europe. As a native Texan, Logan joked that his state was bigger than this country.

    Little did he know that he would be eating his words a few years later.

    Logan had the chance to go to this European country on a short-term mission team with East-West, and his perspective began to change. His team partnered with missionaries there to share the gospel with Muslim immigrants. When Logan saw how Muslim refugees were accepting Christ as their Savior, he knew he wanted to be a part of that.

    Not long after being on that team, Logan was invited to be East-West’s assistant regional director of that region. With the new job, Logan was encouraged to live in Europe to be closer to the team in that region. He and his wife prayed about it and knew quickly that God was calling them to go live in the country that Logan said is smaller than Texas.

    Now, Logan and his family are preparing to move overseas to the one place Logan never thought he’d live. He laughs at the way he answered that question 10 years ago knowing what God had planned for him all along.

    “It’s really fun to be reminded of how our God is a redemptive God,” he said. “While I’m looking forward to the work that we’re going to be a part of and the work that we’re going to do, I think what I’m enjoying the most is seeing how the Father is fixing the brokenness inside of me.”

    “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9, ESV

    *Name changed for security purposes.

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